CHAPTER 2 ready for your enjoyment!!!

As promised, faithful fans of THE FIFTH, I present you with Chapter 2 (in this one, you come to know Emanuella).  I am eager as always to receive your thoughts on this story.  Happy reading!

THE FIFTH--Chapter 2: Emanuella

THE FIFTH–Chapter 2: Emanuella

Next installment of THE FIFTH: Chapter 1

Here we go again.  There will be times when I will be posting a new chapter every day on Wattpad for you to read, and to those who are eager and impatient, there will be days you will be delighted to find I might post TWICE.

Yes there will be times the frequency of my postings might slow down due to my kids who take top priority and work…but do not fret I will not leave you hanging for long!

Here then is today’s installment of THE FIFTH:

THE FIFTH--Chapter 1

THE FIFTH–Chapter 1

Newly determined to post a chapter on Wattpad a week

So…dearest of fans of my writing (fiction and blog alike)….I have determined to post a chapter a week at least of one of my stories on Wattpad (I will provide the link each time I post).

Today’s featured story is THE FIFTH (A Living Parable Series).  Here is a brief synopsis of the story:

She was my Snowflake. Unimpressive at first glance, but under a microscope she was unlike any other. She was a complex symphony fast paced; like Beethoven’s Fifth symphony. She didn’t stop for breath, she pursued love with relentless determination. Emanuella was my symphony which caused my heart to stop. She was my snowflake who’s beauty I didn’t see…until she was gone…melted away. But her life saved mine. This is her story. This is a story of my rejection of the symphony she offered, and the sacrifice she gave. Read dear sibling and take heed.

Here is the first installment (please leave your comments and critiques at the following website or in the comments below):

THE FIFTH -Prologue...In the End-

-Prologue…In the End-