My Books

Hadassah's Watchman: First Cry -Episode 1- (KINDLE)

Hadassah’s Watchman: First Cry -Episode 1- (KINDLE)

Hadassah's Watchman: Frist Cry -Episode 1- (NOOK)

Hadassah’s Watchman: Frist Cry -Episode 1- (NOOK)

Hadassah's Watchman: Frist Cry -Episode 2- (KINDLE)

Hadassah’s Watchman: Frist Cry -Episode 2- (KINDLE)

The Cross: A Savior's Love  (KINDLE)

The Cross: A Savior’s Love (KINDLE)

The Cross: A Savior's Love (NOOK)

The Cross: A Savior’s Love (NOOK)

I am a passionate dreamer…and my dreams come alive when I hold a pen in my hands.  Since I was young I have always loved writing and in the past few years I have discovered how powerful a story can be…a story can change a life.  Therefore I write.  Often I blog my random thoughts, and even more often I create a story world that explores issues of life.  So take this journey with me, perhaps it will lead somewhere great…and perhaps on this journey your heart will be lifted.

For more information on my works feel free to visit my website:


FACEBOOK OFFICIAL WATCHMEN FAN PAGE:!/pages/Hadassahs-Watchman/133730916659199




5 thoughts on “My Books

  1. You should know I’ll be reporting your Facebook page to Amazon’s authorities which handle unethical reviewing. This isn’t a warning, and you won’t hear from me again. I just want ethical reviewing.

    If there’s a good change on your Facebook page, I’ll wait. If I can’t find the page, I’ll presume no changes have been made.

    Encouraging vote and reviewing trading is a lie. Tolerating others who say, “anyone wanting me to help them write a 5 star review in exchange for a 4 star for my FREE book” is trading a truth for a lie. No wonder people don’t believe in your God. You write about being some kind of Christian and then you blatantly do the same thing. That kind of selling out makes your God look like a wuss.

    While Amazon has no jurisdiction over Facebook, they’ll understand what’s going on.

    Please, do the right thing. You can change your policies, remove the requests for fake reviews, or remove the group altogether. Just figure out the right thing. Maybe your God will tell you.

    The group I’ll report:

    Your book page (every review there might be fake)

    Your reviews are likely baloney too:


    • Perhaps you have misunderstood the purpose of the group which I have edited (thank you for your feedback ). My goal is to help authors who are dreamers like myself to spread the word about their books. I used to have more time to read and review and spent a lot of it reading indie books hoping to help indie authors.


    • Also as to my reviews…how are they ‘baloney’? Please also understand that for the app reviews I do have my children leave reviews for apps that we download so those should be taken under consideration (I encourage them to give opinions of what they think it is part of our homeschooling projects). Also I am an avid reader of many books both Indie and New York Times Best sellers and I strive to leave reviews for books that I love….please tell me how they are baloney…go into actual detail as I do not see you making an actual point, I just see you making an attack with no actual basis, this seems to be more personal than based on fact… thank you….also I would love to see some of YOUR reviews with which we can compare my reviews to…


    • Also, if you know ANYTHING about Amazon, you will know that Amazon has a way to verify purchases…please take a look an you will see that many of the reviewers show they are actual verified purchasers. Thank you.


    • Quote from Amazon: “We don’t allow anyone to write customer reviews as a form of promotion and if we find evidence that a customer was paid for a review, we’ll remove it. If you have a direct or indirect financial interest in a product, or perceived to have a close personal relationship with its author or artist, we’ll likely remove your review. We don’t allow authors to submit customer reviews on their own books even when they disclose their identity.”

      Thus PAYING someone to WRITE a review is not allowed OR someone related to me or close to me is not allowed to write a review. However me asking someone who has read and liked my book to write a review is not against Amazon’s policy and it is not unethical. In fact ALL authors do this in one form or another. I have no idea who you are or why you are being malicious and I am curious if you will have an answer to any of my responses, but clearly you have no knowledge of the writing industry.


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