Joshua Emanuel….Yahweh Is Salvation…God With Us


My oldest son Joshua Emanuel has taken a huge step he has given His life to Jesus and tomorrow June 7th, 2015 he is getting baptized.  I am so amazed at this you heart that is so full of love for Jesus…his many questions and quests for answers from a very young age.  He has such a kind, loving and generous heart and yet he understands very well how each mistake we make is atoned by the blood that Jesus Christ gave for him and for us on the cross.  From when he as born I saw the signature of God on his heart…even his name means Yahweh is Salvation (Joshua) God With Us (Emanuel)…

I pray that he follows Him with all his heart all his days, no matter what may come (as life on earth, this temporary place often breaks heartbreaks and trouble).  I Pray that he will be a light to those who are in deep darkness, those who are broken and lost.  I pray with all my heart that he will always find shelter in our Savior Jesus Christ, that when troubles surround, that when storms rage unrelenting, that he will know that peace beyond all human understanding.

When our children follow Christ, it is in many ways a wake-up moment, a rise from your slumber moment for us parents as we remember our first love for Jesus and we in many ways renew our vows to God…to follow Him and not be ashamed.

Joshua Emanuel, I love you sweetheart, may God always give you strength and boldness to speak the truth, but above all, may He overwhelm you with His love!

—Love for eternity, for infinity times infinity,



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