Video: Say Something–5498.html

This couple’s Christian version of the popular song, “Say Something” gave me chills.

It’s amazing how God can speak through a song. Life is so hard and then comes a song that casts away all the demons of life…literally. It’s just like David and Saul in the Bible..when David sang the demons fled.
Perhaps you have and are still having a hard life…maybe you believe in God, you just don’t LOVE Him like you used to. Maybe this is because life has worn away that love, satan has tried to tarnish it by brokeness. But God is still chasing us. He wants to “Say Something” through this song and that is:
He’s not giving up on you. The whole world may give up, every single person might cast you aside like a rag…but He won’t. He’ll make something beautiful out of what the worlds sees as a rag.
I write this blog post as much for you my readers as I do for myself.
So long I have been broken.
So long I’ve wondered where He is.
So long I have wondered why He has left me and given up on me.
So long I have wondered…of my worth.
Much of this is due to lies I have and still continue at times to believe. Lies that have come through a broken relationship from a person that was supposed to be my forever love, the one I said ‘I do’ to. And yet that love faded and transformed into something grotesquely ugly and painful both for me and the children. And yet…God rescued me from that…no matter how much that rescue hurt and sometimes still hurts…He RESCUED me and my children out of something that could have turned much worse. I am CHERISHED that much. I am LOVED that much….and I am BEAUTIFUL TO HIM (the only one that matters).
The same is true for you.
God is rescuing you…but that salvation may hurt, it may come dangerously and turbulently…just like it is in the movies when a character is rescued from the bad guys. Sometimes we don’t want to be rescued…sometimes we grow attatched to our tourmentours and we even BELIEVE the lies the tourmentours feed us…ENOUGH.
Let Him rescue you.
He is saying something to you.
He is loving you.
He is not and WILL NOT give up on you.


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