Music of the night…or day

So here I am, a blogger who can’t sleep…and so must write.  Dangerous, right? In any case, tonight’s topic is music.  I believe that music is the one language most of the world understands.  Even if the words are in a completely different language, the emotions still somehow translate.  Amazing, don’t you think?  A song can heal a wounded soul, bring forth a much needed smile, bring back a good or maybe bittersweet memory.  A song, or music is the hearts deepest prayer…or so I firmly believe. For me, music gives birth to stories…or at the very least helps the process of creating that particular world.  Music for me speaks better than anything…though I have to say I’m not a musician.  A melody for me has the power to unleash all the tears that have been held prisoner, or perhaps release a girlish giggle that has been burning to be let loose. What does music do for you?  Can you imagine a world without music?  That’s one thing this author refuses to imagine…



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