The power of one person


A while back I remember reading a post on a social media site (might have been facebook), that stated that every person we ever meet serves a perpose.  More and more I am agreeing with this.  I am amazed about the power of a person in another person’s life.

For example, at some of my lowest times in my life, some of the greatest people have entered on the stage of my life.  There are a few who come to mind and I think most of you know who you are.  They came at times when I’ve wanted to stop hoping, stop believing, stop everything, and yet you each came along and picked me up.  Even the negative people in my life have served their purpose (and no mater how they may have hurt me I am still thankful because my soul’s muscles have been built up). 

So, I want to thank all who have been amazingly brilliant lights in my life.  I want to thank those who have been the greatest darkness also…because without the darkness I would have never seen the wonder of the stars, nor would the passion to create stories have been born.  And so I ask you:  who has impacted your life?  Have you thanked God for them?  Because truly God has show you mercy and love and tenderness with each introduction.


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