Rich preachers…poor souls

There are many social medias in which I see a lot of 'inspirational' quotes from various preachers.  They sound really good, uplifting, hopeful...and they ring false.  I'm normally a very positive person, but I'm also a realist.  The following quote is from Joyce Meyer (and I have no beef with her so don't misinterpret):

"It may be through small or big things, but God wants you to live an exciting, amazing life."

My first thought in reading was: Wow, really, is that so?

Lets examine this briefly.  She seems to imply that the Christian life is a walk in the park, full of vibrant, happy days...where all your dreams come true.

Yet this is in stark contrast with what Jesus Christ said, namely that in this life we will have MANY trials (hardships, turbulence, etc.)  We are not promised heaven on earth.  We are warned about trials and tribulations in which an enemy is constantly trying to bring us down.

My next thought was:  It's so easy for you to say this Joyce (or for that matter any other rich mega church pastor), you have everything.  You don't worry about bills, loosing your home, food, having to work so much just to get by.  (After all most of Americans are in that second class, namely not rich like her).

Personally, I'm tired of this false 'prosperity' preaching that tickles the ear and sounds so pleasant...that is false...and this is why so many Christians backslide in my opinion.  Because these preachers talk about giving your ten percent and then God will richly bless you, and often it's the poorest of the poor who give their all and yet are left with nothing, and then wonder what's wrong with God...  Let me tell you, nothing is wrong with God.  You can't bribe God.  Yes, there will be times when He will bless you.  But there will be times when the enemy attacks you and tries to snatch you from God.

These prosperity preachers are like a false General in an army.  This false 'General' preaches to his army that if they do all their training right, and go through all the right motions, then none of them will be wounded or killed in war.  I give this analogy because we are in fact in a war against an invisible enemy that sometimes manifests himself through the harshest, bitter loss (of a loved one, home, etc), or perhaps through verbal attacks through others, or even abuse.  We are in a war.  In war, you have the possibility of getting wounded, even killed.  These false 'Generals' make God's army weak, making Christians (the army battling against the principalities of darkness) expect an easy road, with no hardships, with a war already won simply by doing everything right.   In a war, even if you do everything right, the enemy can still get to you (just ask anyone who has lost someone in the wars our country has faced).  These false 'Generals' make God's people complacent.

A true 'General' would in fact warn his/her army of the dangers they face, the attacks and ambushes they may encounter, and of how to get strong enough where they can truly fight and counter evil.

So these rich preachers can talk their pretty talk, but when they are standing before God, I wonder, will they be found lacking with utterly poor and bankrupt souls?


9 thoughts on “Rich preachers…poor souls

      • Yes, it does. And I’ve found that one major blindspot is getting the message acrosd to SO many of them that while GIVING is clearly taught to the Church, the fact is that nowhere in the New Covenant is “tithing” so much as mntioned once. FACT! … It will be interesting to see how many brave souls will have the backbone to honedtly post here. Keep up the good work. God will bless you for it. 🙂 Thanks much. Later… ❤


  1. hi there evangelineblog! this is interesting. and i must say well done. “from various preaches. ” that’s a line from your article. i believe R is missing in the word preachers. anyway continue to stand firm. stand for the truth. Stay humble and gracious. God bless.


  2. I would agree; I’m not a prosperity fan either. But God does bless some people with wealth because He knows their hearts and faithfulness. However, I have to disagree with you a little. I do not like confrontation or debate. I’m the first to run in the other direction.

    I seek peace in all things, so please do not read any kind of attitude into this. It is very difficult to write on the internet as an attitude can sometimes be detected where none exists. This is just a friendly comment.

    I have listened to Joyce Meyer for years and I have never heard her preach on prosperity. The sentence you quoted is not about prosperity. We need to be careful not to take a sentence out of context and build an opinion on it. (Oh, and she is not a mega church preacher. She has no church. She is an evangelist.)

    Yes, God does want each of us to have “an exciting, amazing life.” I think we can agree that nowhere in the Bible does God tell us we are to have a depressing life lacking in necessities, though we may go through times like this. He desires that we seek Him, follow His will, give to others, and live in faith and peace, which all constitutes an exciting, amazing life.

    I think maybe you do not know all that Joyce went through to get where she is now. In her early years, she could barely pay her bills and feed her kids, but she has been faithful to the Lord and He has blessed her efforts. It is not from any prosperity gospel she has preached.

    We need to be careful of judging the life of another when only God knows the person’s heart and blesses as He sees fit.

    Again, I agree with your last sentence: I wonder, will they be found lacking with utterly poor and bankrupt souls? This is so true. I cannot imagine living this kind of lifestyle. Blessings to you! 😀


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