Dreaming in the midst of reality

Here I go dreaming again.  It is who I am.  A dreamer…always.  Yet reality tries to intrude, reality tries to say:  “Your dream is impossible, get your head out of the clouds.”

I say:  “No.”

Yes, indeed, we have to deal with certain realities, but dreams are what keeps us going.  Dreams are our passions, our hopes, they are what we aspire to be.

For me to dream is easy.  I am an artist.  The funny thing about artists is we don’t only focus on one art.  (I haven’t yet met an artist who only likes one form of art)  We dream big, colossal dreams.  My biggest passion is writing, that is my world–the world in which I express my doubts, fears, hopes, dreams, joys….everything.  Yet I love and hope to dabble in other forms of art too.  Singing for example is another, to me a song is like a prayer (or perhaps the heart’s wish).  Sketching is the next, I love capturing emotions through a pencil and eraser.  There is one I haven’t yet tried…but will soon…and that is acting.

Why do I love all of these?  Why is art so important to me?  I believe very firmly that in art we put a little bit of ourselves in it…and we expose it to the world.  It is our battle cry.  It is the way we say:  This is who I am, this is what I believe, this is where I have been, and this is what I stand for.

Recently I have started watching the show 24 and I am hooked.  I said to my family (with a deep deep sigh):  I love that actor Kiefer Sutherland (who acts as Jack Bower).  To which they replied:  He’s only a character.  And my reply is, yes indeed, but you have to wonder how much of himself he put into that role…  I do this will all movies I watch, or books I read, or songs I listen to.  I ask myself:  How much of themselves did the artist put into this of themselves?

So, back to dreaming.   Yes I dream.  I will always dream, even if the dream at times may be a nightmare.  Perhaps one day these dreams will come true…perhaps yours will too…but if you never dream…YOU WILL NEVER KNOW.  So: DARE TO DREAM BIG!


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