Only An Animal

joshua and sheba

I have seen and heard people crying over the loss of an animal before as though they lost a dearly beloved relative…and I thought it was ludicrous. Sure you get sad, but goodness, it’s not like it’s human. This were my thoughts until June 18, 2013. On Tuesday June 18, 2013 our dearly beloved German Shepherd Sheba passed away.
Let me tell you a little bit about her (our Queen of Sheba). My dad back in 2008 convinced my mom to get her (understand that my mother was deathly scared of big dogs), he had promised to keep her on a leash if they got her. He said he would train her to behave. Well let me tell you, there was training…but it was Sheba training my mom and winning her heart. Also, Sheba was a dog from the Humane Society, and her previous owner had shot her and it was a miracle that she survived. Yet all those who come into the Farcas family, she was a miracle, and she was a survivor.
On the day my daddy colapsed, the way my mom knew that something was wrong is when she heard Sheba howling (my dad had colapsed on the bottom of our basement stairs). Sheba was the first to mourn the loss of my dad, she was the first who felt it.
After this she was a faithful comfort to me, my children, my mother, my sister and my grandmother. Each place that we moved to she came with us and adapted to new environments and new trials. She was a survivor.
She watched over my children. In fact when we used to live in our old house, there was a Christmas tree farm adjacent to us. One day there were workers in the field and my children were playing outside, as they were coming closer to our house, Sheba got before my children and began to growl at them in warning to stay away…and they took that warning.
In recent days she spent her time observing my children play soccer, catch, volleball, baseball and all other fun playing. She greeted me each night as I came home from work (she would get beside my car and was always there when I opened the door as if saying; “Welcome home, I hope you had a good day at work.”)
When I came back to the states from Sweden, from my marrige that had failed miserably, she was there. When I found out that my ex cheeted yet again she was there as I would go for walks even in the dark nights in the mountains, she was ever the protector. She was there when I was alone in the forest crying. And she was there as life got better.
On June 18 a car came in our rural neighborhood speeding and ran over half her body. She held on to life though in deep pain. I swear I could see in her kind eyes that she wanted to hang on and stay with us, because she knew we needed her. Yet she was called to Heaven and she listened to the call. Perhaps she heard her master, the one who chose her (my daddy Emanuel Farcas), saying come here girl I missed you. That is a lovely thought.
Some might say that animals don’t go to heaven. I beg to differ. Firstly, God made animals first even before humans. Second the Bible talks about the lion and the lamb in heaven.
Today I came home from work with a heavy heart and I wished so bad to see Sheba again. It felt like we lost a family member because indeed she was exactly that a part of the family.
In honor of her we rescued another dog from the shelter. A husky (absolutely beautiful), we named him Angel, because we think of him as the angel Sheba sent us to watch over us in her absence.
What else can be said other than I look forward to heaven. I look forward to the day I get to see my daddy again and Sheba again and all those who have gone before us…and I look forward to seeing my Savior who gave us each of these people and animals as precious gifts for a special time.


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