Artists…multi passionate

So, this might not be the most genius of observations, but have you noticed how when a person is artistic in one way or another, they are usually artistic in many different ways?  For example, I’m a writer.  But when I was younger my artistic passion started with drawing sketches.  I remember spending hours at our kitchen table in Michigan just drawing and litterly getting frustrated when I got a certain part of a sketch wrong (until my dad came along or my mother came to show me how to get it right).  Then later in life around the time I came to Christ I became extremely passionate about singing.  Singing became my heart’s way of praying (I even sung in my sleep a few times…I’m not joking.)  Throughout my pre-teens and teenage years I began writing poetry and stories, this particular passion came and went, came and went…

Durring the time I was married those passions came to a halt (not completely). 

Still the passions that I had kept me going through some of the hardest times of my life.  I think the same is true for a lot of artists….art is theraputic.  Whether you sing, write, draw, paint, build, etc. it is something that keeps your heart strong.  Also I will go further and say, that the most beautiful art is birthed from the most bitter pain.  My story Hadassah’s Watchman was birthed from my marrige which turned sour when he cheated and became abusive, yet now what was terrifying is now turned into victory.  Art screams hope.  It screams:  I made it and look this is what came from the pain.  That is why we cry at certain songs, books, paintings, movies…it’s art that captures our souls.

As artists though, I do think we need cheer leaders, people who fan the flames of our passions, people who believe that what we do is worth something.  So let me tell you dear Picasos’, future Stephen Kings’ etc, don’t give up.  Look at your most admired artist (and as you see when I say artist I refer to a broad range of art ranging from acting, writing, drawing, singing, etc.) and you will see that each had something they struggled with.  Stephanie Meyer (writer of Twilight) got rejected fourteen times (yes I bet the publishing houses and agents that rejected her are smaking their heads against many walls in frustration),  Walt Disney was told he had no talent (and the one time he was about to succeed his work got stolen), Stephen King was going to stop writing because he was rejected so many times…these are just a few.  What is the difference between artists that succeed and those who don’t?  Do the ones who fail have less talent?  I honestly think that most of the time that is not the case…I think the difference is that one category of people kept trying, while one did not.  The later, I believe, listened to far to many of the oppressive people that told them they can’t…and they believed that.

So feed your artistic passions.  Don’t stop.  I know I won’t…this girl will keep on dreaming big (and yes there will be days I will want to quit….BUT I WILL NOT).


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