So you claim you want American made?


Just a warning.  This girl is on fire and it will come across in this blog.  I have worked all my life, some in retail, some in call centers and there is one thing I hear over and over and over and over again.  People complain about the quality of products or service, be it cleaning or computers, cars, appliances etc… the reasoning behind poor quality is this:  well it figures, it says it was made in Mexico (China, Japan insert whatever country you please other than our own).  This irks me to no end.  And I think to myself when I hear this: Realy????  Are you realy truly serious?  Why do I think this?  Several reasons.  Number one being:  We are cheap!

What do I mean by this?  Simple.  We want to pay almost nothing for top quality.  We first of all are NOT WILLING TO PAY for American made.  Also to be fair, perhaps many of us can’t afford to pay for American made…

Also we complain about immigrants (leagal/illegal) stealing our jobs.  Really?  Are you willing to work in a field for nothing?  Clean for next to nothing?  Do construction for for nothing?  Because that’s what us Americans ask for.  We are the ones who do the hiring and want to hire those who work the cheapest (though even though immigrants may work cheap they work hard and rarely complain…are you willing to do that?)

Personaly my opinion is this:  if you want American made stop complaining about something (service, product) being too expensive.  Yes perhaps illegal immigrants have brought down the market by working cheap, but again, who does the hiring?  I’m not saying it’s okay to break the law and hire illegal immigrants (please don’t misunderstand this).  But what I am saying is that if you want quality, don’t scrunch your nose in disgust at the price of quality.  Quality means hard, careful, time consuming work, you want it then you pay for it.  Simple.

Far to many times I have seen my father being out bidded for a cleaning contract because his price was higher (he also used top quality products and had great attention to detail, those who hired him often said he was the best).  The times that he did give in to a lower price it was always the same, complaint about wanting more ‘extra work’ done for no extra money. 

I see this happening still.  I’m not going to say where.  But I will say and finish with this:  if you want someone’s hard work, or quality product be ready to pay a fair price.  It doesn’t matter if someone is willing to do a job for less, it matters if you have a satisfied employee/contractor who is paid fairly and does the job with a glad and satisfied heart.  Think about that next time you complain.



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