If a house needs painting…paint it?

Today I took a trip to the mall….yes this is rare for me as I’m not big into shopping (unless it’s for books or my kids)…and there I saw a new store that specificaly catered to those who want to get eyelash extensions.  There I was imagining myself with longer lashes and thought of the many benefits (it would make my eyes pop, I would be more beautiful etc.), but then I thought that it would all be fake, it would not be my true beauty.  Here lays the problem.  All women have one desire in common.  We all want to be beautiful and thus chosen by an equally beautiful (handsome) man, or we just simply want to be beautiful, and in this day and age beauty is all around us….but mostly fake, fabricated beauty (eye lash extensions, hair extensions, breast jobs, etc).  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti make up or any of that, but I just wonder, where do we stop?  And if you’re like me, a woman who doesn’t always have much time for these things and is always on the go…you tend to feel a little less beautiful. 

In response to this blog a man may say that: “I like natural beauty, without all the fake.”  And I would ask:  “Is that so?”  Personally a lot of the men who have uttered words along these lines still have gone for the fake (but perhaps they could tell?). 

Also, my dad used to say in response to wheather we (his daughters or any other woman) should wear make up.  He said:  “If a house needs painting, paint it.” ….though he would always continue and say that we are beautiful just the way we are (and we of course didn’t believe it, just as most women can’t see their own beauty…unless of course prince charming says you’re beautiful).

So, where am I getting at with all this?  I trully think that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Personally, I have always said that to one person I might be ugly, and to another I may look like a super model.  Don’t worry too much about the fake, if you don’t like the fake, if the fake irks you (as it does me sometimes), strive to be what you aim to be…that is: be real.  Why?  Because somewhere out there, there is that man who may agree with you sincerely.  But it shouldn’t be just because you are trying to find the love of your life, it should be because being fake is just so darn exhausting.  Be you!  Because eventually, even if a man were to go for the fake part of a woman, eventually the mask comes off, and what is inside overshadows that outward beauty…and each person reaps what they sow.  If we only focus on the outward, we are left with only that…and then when that fades as time passes, what will we be left with?  Think about it.


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