Book Review: Iscariot by Tosca Lee

Kindle book of Iscariot:

Tosca Lee is an author that captured my attention a while back with her book Havah and Demon: A Memoir and recently has further captivated me with her book Iscariot. Her books are unique, they are different yet Biblicaly focused…so if you are one of those reviewers who will give a book a one star for it being religious I would let you know up front (if the book itself isn’t obvious enough): IT IS CHRISTIAN FICTION. Yet I will also say they are not preachy, they are cleverly written and each will make you think deeper and beyond what you think you knew about the characters.
Iscariot is like that. I read a review on amazon where one reviewer basically said they didn’t like it because the characters (disciples) didn’t seem to have enough faith, that they were portrayed as faithless. Well, my response to that is: ummm yes, indeed they were faithless in many ways. The three years they spent with Jesus they were constantly missing the point…it was only AFTER the resurection that they finally began to understand. I think Tosca did an extraordinary job showing how the disciples may have thought and talked and felt. You see, we living in this world where every family has a Bible KNOW the story and how it would turn out, THEY DIDN’T. They were living in the moment, in a time of great unrest and fear, they had every reason to doubt because in that time there were many would-be ‘Messiah’s’. The parts I found most amazing was Judas Iscariot himself. As I listened to this book (yes I listened to it on audible, on my phone, on my way to and from work), I found myself in Judas Iscariot. His doubts, his longings, his nature I saw in myself. It gave me the shivers at times how close to the character I felt. You see each one of us I believe could have been a Judas or a Peter. Both denied Him. The difference is only one: one repented, the other didn’t. All of us denny Him at one point or another, the difference is, will we turn back to him?
I learned a lot about myself from this book. Yes, it is fiction…but often we see truth better in fiction than in a sermon (after all Jesus taught with fiction…parables). Thus I highly recommend Tosca Lee’s book because I think that you will find yourself in this book, I think light will be shed into those dark places in your heart you never wanted to explore or recognize that existed…and when light comes there are only two choices: Accept the light and let it brighten every corner of the rooms in your heart, or deny the light and snuff it out and rejected. The choise is yours.


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