“My name is Jack Bower, and today is the longest day of my life.”


The show 24. For the longest time I refused to watch it, simply because I thought it was going to be borrrrring…boy was I wrong! The first season took me captive and even now I have not been ransomed. The storyline is great, fast paced, each episode ends with some type of bang (cliffhanger)…this is a well written show and I think writers could learn a lot from watching this because it’s the best example of how to keep a reader (watcher) going.

Now about the show. I will start by saying that each actor is well picked. Jack Bower is of course the best, I love his unconventional attitude because it gets results. He is smart and no matter how hard the situation he outsmarts the bad guys…well almost all the time. Each character is well picked, you either love them or hate them. There are clues given throughout the show as to the outcome. In the first season we are actually shown who the traitor is but then we are tactfully taken away to the point where we think ‘no it’s not that one thank God’ but then we get slapped with the shock that it was indeed that one all along. The show plays with us and keeps us guessing. The second season, believe it or not is even better, but I will get to that soon. There is one thing that I will say that I do not like, because it stretches my patience quite a bit, but perhaps this will change in the following seasons. In season 1 and season 2 both Kim (the daughter) and the wife are in constant trouble, constantly kidnapped etc…while I thought this was okay for a little while, I do think that they have to come up with something different (which they probably do).

Now, for the second season, wow, it litteraly has a bang. There is a nuclear bomb that is set to detonate in 24 hours in Los Angeles by an extremist group called Second Wave. We are given pottential suspects and we are led to think, yes, that is definately the one…but beware of such thoughts, things are never as they seem. One of my favorite parts is the part where in order to safely detonate the bomb away from the population, someone has to fly the plane with it and crash it…thus a suicide mission. There is a line that is said by the president’s assistant: (paraphrazing) “To save millions one has to die.” When I heard that line I got the chills because it is exactly what Christ did for us. Now, I’m going to get a bit deep here so have patience with me. I asked myself as I watched this: Us humans when another human being sacrifices themselves for us, we honor them, we honor their memory, we respect them, we are in awe of that sacrifice. (Like at the school where a teacher died saving her students with her own body) Yet when we are told that God became man and died for ALL OF HUMANITY we scoff at this, in fact some even mock this as nothing, as no big deal, as if it’s not a great sacrifice, as if blood was not spilled in our place that we might live. Yes, as I watched the sacrificial scene in the second season of 24 I thought of Jesus and the sacrifice He gave for us. Yes the show is fiction….but Christ is not ficiton. Some would argue otherwise, but if they dig through history they cannot ignore the fact that there is more proof that Jesus existed then there is for many other historical figures of that time. And yes, some will say that indeed he existed and go on to say that he was just a really really good man. If he existed though, he either was exactly what he said or he was an evil liar (thus not a good man). Because Jesus claimed to be the way, the truth and the life, and he claimed to come to take away the sins of the world. He was the living sacrifice that saved and keeps saving many. He was like Jack Bower…only Jesus was real, and Jesus was perfect.


3 thoughts on ““My name is Jack Bower, and today is the longest day of my life.”

  1. You are so right. We do make heroes out of those who sacrifice, and we should honor them, but we should also remember that the greatest sacrifice in history was made by Jesus Christ.

    By the way, I loved 24 as well. Keiffer Sutherland was so good as Jack Bauer.


  2. Wow that was a little deep, but soo true we feel that it’s okay to honor another man’s sacrifice but to accept God’s sacrifice would mean that we are not in control and I think that’s what scares man the most!!


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